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Blog Creation Contest on Digital Awareness
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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated ‘Digital India’ with the launch of 'Digital India Week' campaign in the national capital, with a view to sensitize people of our country through the Digital India Programme. Digital India is an Umbrella Programme covering many departments. It weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision so that each of them is seen as part of a larger goal.

Being a proponent of technology and digitization, SNDT WU is diligent about the digital literacy and digital empowerment of present and future students. In pursuance of this, the University has created a road map for the digital empowerment of its stakeholders and has completed the following:

  1. Connecting its three campuses viz. Churchgate, Juhu and Pune through a virtual tunnel.
  2. Creating WiFi connectivity on its three campuses - in progress
  3. Intranet Portal using a platform - ‘Susmavad’ - for communication across all the three campuses.

Several student centric applications are being developed and deployed on all three campuses.

The Contest:

SNDT Women’s University is organizing a ‘Blog Creation Contest on Digital Awareness’, to provide the young thinking minds of SNDTWU a prodigious opportunity to portray their ingenious writing skills.

The competition intends to foster student’s savor and ingenuity and reward young professionals whose contributions and technological ideas will definitely have a positive impact on society in the near future.

Rules and Guidelines of the Blog Creation Competition:

  1. Structure:
    • The Competition is divided into Senior and Junior divisions (under graduate, postgraduate,
      alumnae. and faculty). Senior division includes participants registered for Masters/Post Graduate programmes. And, Junior Division includes participants registered for any kind of undergraduate programme.
    • The participants should be registered student of SNDT WU
    • Blog should have minimum three posts and invite minimum 3 friends to comment.
    • Participants can blog using the following languages: English Marathi or Hindi.
    • Participants can select following topics.
  2. Topics:
    1. Social media for digital marketing
    2. E-waste management: Cradle to grave identity
    3. eKranti : Revolutionizing governace pattern in India
    4. e governance : Bringing in transparency
    5. Net neutrality: Should Cities provide public wifi
    6. Expression of self through social media
    7. Social Media and privacy
    8. Social Media endangering Creativity
    9. Social Media enhancing Creativity
    10. Social Media affecting mental and physical Health
    11. Digital India a step towards digital empowerment
    12. Digital Education: Knowledge Future
    13. Digital India: Transforming India into a digitally empowered society and a Knowledge economy
    14. Digital India transforming the Agricultural Sector
    15. Digital India transforming Education
    16. Information for all and Public Internet Access programme will lead to informed Citizens of a Democratic System.
    17. Cradle to grave digital identity
    18. e-health
    19. Technology for financial inclusion
    20. Technology for Justice and National Security
    21. NET ZERO Imports: is it really possible?
    22. Relevance of e-education (OER) in education
    23. Relevance of OER in capacity building
    24. Relevance of OER in enhancing competence
    25. Digital literacy and the common man

  3. Procedures for the Submissions:
    • Interested participants have to fill and submit the e- form. The link for submitting form is as given below.
      ( )
    • Only original blogs will be considered for the competition. Any form of plagiarism will result in disqualification of the entry.
    • Participants must submit a scanned copy of SELF ATTESTED copy of their student Identity
      Card along-with the blog.
    • Participants from University Departments & colleges of Churchgate, Juhu and Pune Campuses
      must create a blog using their domain email id on and send link for the
      competition at the time of online Registration. If you do not have domain email id then
      please write to to get it.
    • The participants of affiliated colleges need to register on the link provided below and they will be instructed and informed about further procedure after registration.
    • The blog is to be delivered within the given timeline. Assessment will start on the date
      mentioned in the Schedule irrespective of the status of the Blog. No changes are allowed after
      the last date of final submission.
    • An Introduction to blog and author can be included
    • Certificate/undertaking: The students have to sign an undertaking that the blog content,
      opinion/views demonstrated are original and it is not copied from any source. Student will be
      personally liable for any copyright related issues. Scanned copy of the undertaking duly signed
      by the participant and endorsed by the Principal shall be sent on 
  4. Criteria For Assessment:
    • Creativity
    • Content
    • Style
    • Overall impression
  5. Contest Deadlines:
    • Online Registration: 28th July 2015
    • Final Submission: 9th August 2015
    • Assessment of Blogs: 10th August to 13th August 2015
    • Declaration of winners: 15th August 2015

The Final day: Saturday, August 15, 2015

The students winning the awards during the celebrations of Digital India Campaign will be felicitated on Independence Day at the hands of the Chief Guest.

Contact OR for any query regarding the contest