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Poster Making Competition on Digital India
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Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated ‘Digital India’ with the launch of 'Digital India Week' campaign in the national capital, with a view to sensitize people of our country through the Digital India Programme. Digital India is an Umbrella Programme covering many departments. It weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision so that each of them is seen as part of a larger goal.

Being a proponent of technology and digitization, SNDT WU is diligent about the digital literacy and digital empowerment of present and future students. In pursuance of this, the University has created a road map for the digital empowerment of its stakeholders and has completed the following:

  1. Connecting its three campuses viz. Churchgate, Juhu and Pune through a virtual tunnel.
  2. Creating WiFi connectivity on its three campuses - in progress
  3. Intranet Portal using a platform - ‘Susmavad’ - for communication across all the three campuses.

Several student centric applications are being developed and deployed on all three campuses.

The Contest:

SNDTWU is also organizing a ‘Poster making Contest on Digital India ’, to provide the young thinking minds of SNDT a prodigious opportunity to portray their ingenious Poster making skills.
A poster is a graphically based approach to presenting ones ideas. In presenting your ideas with a poster, you should aim to use the poster as a means for generating active discussion on the selected topic.

The competition intends to foster student’s savoir and ingenuity and reward young professionals whose contributions and technological ideas will definitely have a positive impact on society in the near future.

Rules and Guidelines of the Poster Making Competition:

  1. Structure:
    • The Competition is divided into Senior and Junior divisions (under graduate, postgraduate).
      Senior division includes participants registered for Masters/Post Graduate programmes. And,
      Junior Division includes participants registered for any kind of undergraduate programme.
    • Participants must submit a SELF ATTESTED copy of their student Identity-Card along-with the
    • Participants have to choose a topic from the given list. The list of topics is designated on the
      basis of different academic streams.
  2. Topics:
    1. Sustainable Future – Digital India
    2. Infrastructure as a utility to every citizen
    3. Governance and Services on Demand
    4. Digital empowerment of citizens
    5. Ease of doing by digitalization
    6. Usage of web tools for digital India
    7. The home page of website with enhanced features and enriched look & feel
    8. Virtual Labs-physics chemistry and biology
    9. E-governance , E-agriculture, E-waste management, E-farmer, E-workers, E-tutor
    10. Student apps for e-suraksha, e-village management, e-school, e-books
    11. University 2.0 - usage of web tools in university
    12. Role of Big Data in digital India.
    13. Cyber security - cyber laws, rights management and misuse detection in digitalization.
  3. Procedures for the participation in the Poster making competition:
    • The contest will be announced at University department /institutes / affiliated colleges. Five
      best entries (from UG and PG categories separately) from Juhu, Churchgate and Pune Campus
      and five best entries from Affiliated Colleges will be selected for the final round to be conducted
      on 13th August 2015 at Juhu Campus
    • Interested participants shall register with the respective college/department authority.
    • Colleges and Departments will conduct elimination round and send two winning entries to the
      University for Intercollegiate Competition. Colleges shall register their participants online using
      following link.
      ( )
    • Only original ideas in the posters will be considered for the competition. Any form of plagiarism will result in disqualification of the poster.
    • Certificate/undertaking: The students have to sign a undertaking, that the work , opinion/views
      of the author are original and not copied from any source. Author is personally liable for any
      copyright/ IPR related issues. The undertaking duly signed shall be submitted along with the
    • No accommodation or TA/DA will be provided.
  4. Format Requirement:
    • Posters will measure between 18 and 24 inches high and 24 and 30 inches wide (no larger).
    • Students may work individually or in teams of 2 members.
    • No computers or extra aids may be used during a poster presentation.
    • The board must be oriented in the "landscape" position (long dimension is horizontal).
    • Make it obvious to the viewer how to progressively view the poster (i.e. the flow of the idea) .
      The poster generally should read from left to right, and top to bottom. Numbering the individuals
      panels, or connecting them with arrows is a standard "guidance system"
    • Leave some open space in the design. An open layout is less tiring to the eye and mind. Limit
      the text to about one-fourth of the poster space, and use "visuals" (graphs, photographs,
      schematics, maps, etc.) to tell your "story."
    • Acceptable tools of drawing / painting include pencil, crayon, water colour, oil paint, etc.
      Photographs, wires, and other 3D objects are not acceptable. The completed artwork must be
      on a flat piece of paper.
    • The drawing / painting must not include words, national flags, or slogans.
    • The drawing / painting must not represent any particular individual, organization, or brand
      name and must not depict any religious theme.
    • Name and age of participant as well as Department/ Institute / conducted college / affiliated
      college name and address must be clearly mentioned on the back of poster in the English
    • The theme "Digital India” should be the main focus of the poster.
    • No text (including theme title, name, etc) should be written on the front of the poster.
  5. Criteria For Assessment:
    • Creativity: (40%)
    • Content –Originality: 30 %
    • Relevance to the theme 30%
  6. Contest Deadlines:
    • College/Department level contest Announcement: 23rd July 2015
    • College/Department level Poster Making Competition: 4th August 2015
    • Sending 2 winner entries by colleges and filling online registration Form : 6th August 2015 to 8th August 2015
    • First round of University Level Competition for selecting five best entries from each category: 11th August 2015
    • Final Competition and Exhibition: 13th August 2015
    • Declaration of winners : 15th August 2015

The Final day: Saturday, August 15, 2015

The students winning the awards during the celebrations of Digital India Campaign will be felicitated on Independence Day at the hands of the Chief Guest.

Contact  OR  for any query regarding the contest.