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    Quiz Competition (Staff) on Digital Literacy

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Quiz Competition (Staff) on Digital Literacy
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Introduction :

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi inaugurated ‘Digital India’ with the launch of 'Digital India Week' campaign in the national capital, with a view to sensitize people of our country through the Digital India Programme. Digital India is an Umbrella Programme covering many departments. It weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision so that each of them is seen as part of a larger goal.

Being a proponent of technology and digitization, SNDT WU is diligent about the digital literacy and digital empowerment of present and future students. In pursuance of this, the University has created a road map for the digital empowerment of its stakeholders and has completed the following:

  1. Connecting its three campuses viz. Churchgate, Juhu and Pune through a virtual tunnel.
  2. Creating WiFi connectivity on its three campuses - in progress
  3. Intranet Portal using a platform - ‘Susmavad’ - for communication across all the three campuses.

Several student centric applications are being developed and deployed on all three campuses.

The Contest:

SNDT Women’s University is organizing a ‘Quiz Contest on Digital Literacy’, for the staff members. It is an opportunity to showcase digital awareness.

The competition intends to foster ingenuity and reward its staff member whose contributions and technological ideas will definitely have a positive impact on society in the near future.

Rules and Guidelines of the Quiz Competition:

  1. General Rules:
    • The Competition is divided into three segments elimination round, preliminary round and final round.
    • Elimination rounds shall be conducted by University departments / Conducted colleges/
      affiliated colleges. College shall appoint one of its staff members as an event coordinator.
      Winner of elimination round will participate in Preliminary round.
    • Preliminary round of quiz contest will be conducted at all the three campuses simultaneously. Preliminary round for participants from affiliated colleges shall be conducted at Premlila Vithaldas Polytechnic, Juhu. Two best teams from three campuses and affiliated colleges will be participating in the final.
    • A team shall consist of two members.
    • The decision of the quiz-master will be final.
    • The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic gadget.
    • The questions shall be in the form of multiple choice, True / False statement, Specific-answer question etc.
    • Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.
    • No accommodation or TA/ DA will be provided by the university.
  2. Procedures for the participation in the quiz competition:
    • Interested participants shall register with the respective college/department authority.
    • All the University department /institutes / affiliated colleges will conduct elimination round at their premises and send winning team (two participants) for the preliminary round. Colleges shall register their participants online using following link. 
    • Time and venue for preliminary and final round will be communicated to the registered
    • For any query please write to  OR 
  3. Structure:

    Preliminary Stage will consist of selection and Stage rounds whereas Finals will consist of Stage round only.
      • Each team will have to solve 30 multiple choice objective type questions.
      • Based on marks obtained, only 6 Teams will advance to STAGE ROUND.
      • In case of tie between 2 or more teams, additional 5 questions will be given.
      • Round 1:
        No of Questions to each team: 3
        Transferable: Yes
        Marks: 10 marks for correct answer and 5 negative marks for wrong answer.
        Time: 30 seconds.
      • Round 2 -Rapid Fire Round :
        No of Questions to each team: 10 in 2 minutes
        Transferable: NO
        Marks: 10 marks for correct answer and 5 negative marks for wrong answer.
        If a team cannot answer the question, they can say ‘pass’ for the next question.
      • Round 3: Audio-visual round :
        No of Questions to each team: 2
        Transferable: NO
        Marks: 10 marks for correct answer and 5 negative marks for wrong answer.
        Time: 30 seconds.
        Audience can answer when question is not answered by any of the teams.
  4. Contest Deadlines:
    • College/Department level contest Announcement: 24th July 2015.
    • Registration at the college level: 29th July 2015
    • Elimination round: 31th July 2015.
    • Online registration of winner for elimination round: 4nd August 2015.
    • Preliminary round at Juhu, Churchgate and Pune Campus (Only for University Dept and
      Conducted Colleges): 6th August 2015.
    • Preliminary round of quiz competition for affiliated College: 12th August 2015.
    • Final Competition and Exhibition: 13h August 2015
    • Declaration of winners : 15th August 2015

The Final day: Saturday, August 15, 2015

The students winning the awards during the celebrations of Digital India Campaign will be felicitated on Independence Day at the hands of the Chief Guest.